Plant A Tree And
Watch It Grow

by Sue Ann Matinkhah

Plant A Tree And Watch It Grow was created to help young children better understand the importance of trees to all living creatures.

Trees shade us from the sun and shelter us from the rain. Some trees even feed us, but trees don’t just help you and me. Trees do many wonderful things for the creatures of the world. Trees offer food and shelter to animals and birds as well as other living things all over the world. Trees even keep the air clean so we can all breathe. Trees are amazing!

Splish Splash Water

by Sue Ann Matinkhah

Splish Splash Water is for children to learn the importance of water in their lives and for the World. If there were no water, there could be no life on Earth. Water is the only matter that exists naturally in three forms on Earth solid (ice), liquid (water), and vapor (gas). The amount of water on Earth never changes it just changes where it is.

When water turns to vapor with help from the sun it forms a cloud and when the cloud moves with help from the wind and the cloud gets full of vapor it rains, snows or hails. Water is very important for the World but it is also fun for us. Can you think of anything that you like to do with water?

Where Is Air?

by Sue Ann Matinkhah

In ‘Where Is Air?’, it unravels the mysteries of air-its whereabouts, composition, and crucial role in our world. Trees and plants perform a remarkable feat, converting our exhaled air into the life-giving oxygen we depend on. This symbiotic relationship between air, trees, and water is essential for our existence; the absence of any would jeopardize life on Earth. The protective layers of air enveloping our planet not only sustain life but also shield us from outer space, maintaining our atmosphere’s delicate balance. From oxygen production to temperature regulation, the significance of air for all life forms on Earth is immeasurable.

Sue Ann Matinkhah

Education of the youth is very important to Sue Ann Matinkhah, and she writes to educate and encourage children to become active in improving their environment and ultimately their world.


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